Godlove Njisong is a corporate trainer, exceedingly great mentor, a reliable personal and executive coach, and an exemplary leader who has kept a track record of restructuring and redefining people for remarkable success.
Godlove is the founder of the GoMAD (Go Make A Difference) Network. Since its creation towards the end of 2018, GoMAD has directly trained and mentored over 2,500 persons in different careers. Besides mentoring on purpose discovery, entrepreneurship and leadership, GoMAD focuses on educating youths in Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence and other disruptive technologies.
Godlove was trained as a Metallurgical Engineer and has worked with National and multi-national companies as an engineer, project supervisor and project manager during for almost 10 years.
He is a certified Management Consultant and Speaker. He is a member of the National Association Corrosion Engineers and National Association of Project Managers.
He is has a number of awards to his name including The Cameroon Heroes Award as Cameroon Social Entrepreneur of impact from GAICAM and Cameroons’ 40 under 40 Achievers in the Category of Coaching and Youth Leadership.

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