George NEBA

George Neba is a personal branding strategist, coach, mentor, trainer and consultant who is specialised in personal brand clarity, identity, awareness, visibility, influence, impact and monetisation.

He has a mandate, “to build thought leadership in impact-driven organisations, socially-conscious game-changers, and corporate professionals, by leveraging the power of personal branding.” He achieves this by grooming them with resilient skills to enable them identify, define and align to their true brand potentials, and thus brandivating themselves for global emergence, influence and impact through the Brandway Academy Emerging Thought Leadership Programme (BRAC ETLP) — a robust, transformational and impact-fashioned, online school where he serves as, Doyen.

Volunteering is his modus vivendi, with over 50 volunteer missions to his credit. In August 2019, he was crowned Volunteer Ambassador by the Noela Lyonga Foundation, Buea, Cameroon.

He is also very obsessed about peace-building as a unique way to sustainable development, especially when it comes to upholding socio-economic justice amongst vulnerable African youths and women. That’s how he developed a knack for summarising important human insights into short, memorable and thought-provoking statements, aimed at positively-transforming minds and lives.

George Neba is an alumnus of ACEA (2021), CUBLEF (2020), REPAIR (2020), AGLA (2020), AYUC (2019), UCYE (2018), ECI (2017), YALI WA (2016), CLA (2015), NCSAPD (2014), etc. — where he has held different posts of responsibility and led different projects. He has featured in popular programmes on the Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV), such as: Cameroon Feeling, Inside the Presidency, and Cameroon Calling; as well as in domestic journals, such as: The National Post, Le Gideon, The Advocate, Municipal Updates, etc. His publications have featured on national and international blogs like and respectively!

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