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Founded in December 2006 The Youth Employment Service (YES Cameroon) is a front line service delivery non-profit and development organization focus in the domain of business and entrepreneurship, human resource and career development. The overarching aspiration of YES Cameroon is to contribute to the endeavours of supporting government, private sector and the communities through its numerous development projects. We work to bring sustainable solutions to some societal growing challenges in this innovative and global village.

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Entrepreneurship and Business Development
As part of our mission, we engage young people by building their capacities in the domain of job creation through entrepreneurship Read More...
Job Placement and Career Development
The transition from school to work is often a daunting task with young people and young graduate. Many students find it Read more...
Training and consultancy
Our training and consultancy services are designed to achieve better and more sustainable results. We have crafted some useful Read More...

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